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NodeData – what is it good for?

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If you’re new to programming for CINEMA 4D, you might have wondered what’s the deal with NodeData and its derivatives (e.g. ObjectData, TagData, ShaderData, et cetera).
When you are writing a plugin object, which is a BaseObject, why do you have to derive your plugin class from ObjectData instead of BaseObject? What is the connection between NodeData and the GeListNode derivatives (BaseObject, BaseTag, BaseShader, et cetera)?
In this article, you’re going to find out.
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Licensing Plugins – Part I – Basics

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Writing a plugin that extends the functionality of CINEMA 4D is often only the first step towards a finished product. At one point or another during the work on your plugin you will have to spend some thought a proper license system.

This first article explains how licensing basically works, discusses aspects of different license systems, and points out some things about crackers.
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